NANDA-I Leadership

The NANDA International Board of Directors establishes administrative policies governing the affairs of the Association, develops and implements a strategic plan toward the accomplishment of the Association’s purposes and provides a biennial report to the membership at a regular meeting of the Association.

The Board acts as the custodian of the property, securities and records of the Association, provides for the annual audit of the books of the Association, provides for the bonding of Board officials as it may deem necessary and provides for payment of authorized expenses.


Board of Directors

Shigemi Kamitsuru, PhD, RN, FNI

(Elected until 2020 )
Christian HeeringTreasurer / Secretary
Christian Heering, Dr. rer.cur., MSc, CNS, EdN, RN

(Elected until 2020)
Noreen FrischDirector
Chair of Informatics Committee
Noreen Frisch, PhD, RN, APHN, FNI, FAAN

(Elected until 2020)
Professor Dickon Weir-Hughes, Director and Chair, Diagnosis Development CommitteeDirector
Chair of Diagnosis Development Committee

Professor Dickon Weir-Hughes
United Kingdom
(Elected until 2018)
Marcelo Chanes

Chair of Education and Research Committee

Marcelo Chanes, PhD, RN
(Elected until 2020)

Carme Espinosa i FresnedoDirector at Large
Carme Espinosa i Fresnedo, MSc, RN

(Elected Until 2020)
Dr. Shigemi Kamitsuru, President-Elect NANDA International
T. Heather Herdman, PhD, RN, FNI
CEO and Executive Director

United States